Welcome to Graduate Studies in the College of Education! 

We are thrilled that you have navigated to the College of Education’s Graduate Studies website! 

Our website is a great starting point in consideration of graduate-level learning and development options at the University of West Georgia. You will find your PLACE within the RELEVANT graduate programs offered which provide robust opportunities to enhance your COMPETITIVENESS in your chosen field or career path. The College of Education represents three innovative and dynamic areas of focus – TEACHING, LEADERSHIP, AND WELLNESS. These areas are not limited to the graduate curriculum or the integrated real-world experiences we offer; they are blended into the culture of the college.

Please take a few moments to view the short video above for a general overview of graduate programs within the College of Education’s Academic Departments to aid in your decision to GO WEST.

 Important features of the website:

  • DEPARTMENTS conveniently connect you to academic department information.
  • PROGRAMS is available in table format for easy selection of a COE graduate program.
  • STUDENT RESOURCES provide links to various information (i.e. GaPSC, COE Scholarships, etc.).
  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) list common considerations when planning your graduate education at UWG.
  • ABOUT US provides a faculty and staff directory and COE Graduate Studies contact information.

We hope you join our College of Education community at the University of West Georgia! It would be a pleasure to serve your educational goals and needs.