Check out the information from the link below regarding the deadlines for GACE score submissions for fall and spring semesters. 

Teacher Education Admission - GACE Score Deadlines

For more information about GACE Test Taker Resources, Services, and Tools click on the following link:

Additional help with studying for the math portion of the GACE program admission assessment can be found online here:

Khan Academy® Official Praxis® Core Prep is now available. This free, online prep resource includes diagnostic
tests, instructional videos, interactive practice tests and study plans that can help test takers prepare for the
GACE Program Admission assessment.

The Praxis Core and the GACE Program Admission assessments are virtually identical, so using this resource
for diagnostic purposes, studying, and practice can be extremely helpful in preparing to take the GACE Program
Admission assessment. 

*Tips for GACE Test Takers Using Khan Academy Online Prep*

Because the Khan Academy online prep was created for the Praxis Core assessment, some functions are not
relevant for GACE (e.g., selection of official test dates, choice of where scores will be reported). Khan also does
not yet provide support for GACE’s Program Admission assessment’s grading scale. A conversion to the GACE
score scale of 100–300 will be available in October 2019.

In the meantime, GACE Program Admission test takers can pick the state of South Carolina for the Goal score
section to serve as a threshold score to work toward. The cut scores adopted across the three tests by South
Carolina are close to those recommended by Georgia based on an evaluation of alignment between the two score
scales. Additional tips to help GACE test takers use this resource can be found on the Program Admission
assessment test preparation page at

GACE Registration Instructions

Quick reference guide with screen shots to register for the GACE.

For GACE Content Assessment test takers, you must be approved by UWG to take your GACE Content Assessment. This approval will take place sometime after you apply for your internship and your application is approved by the Office of Field Experiences. Please note that you will not be eligible to take the GACE Content Assessment prior to that time.

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