Agreements with universities in other countries serve to increase diversity in UWG’s student population, offer opportunities for UWG students from across the curriculum to study in another country and open up opportunities for faculty collaborations. Both the Office of Education Abroad and the International Student Admissions and Programs Office have an interest in developing partnerships for the university, each for particular purposes. Oversight of these agreements follows from the purpose of individual collaborations. Thus, faculty and departments interested in exploring collaborations with other institutions should consult the information below to determine the most appropriate contact to assist in their development of a partnership. All partnerships with international universities will need to be developed in consultation with the appropriate office listed below.

The Office of Education Abroad handles development of

  • exchange agreements designed to foster back and forth mobility for UWG students and students at the partner school.
  • agreements designed to foster faculty research collaborations and mobility.

If you are interested in developing this kind of project, contact to get started.

For help with agreements designed primarily to bring international students to UWG (without a student exchange component), please contact Mr. Paul Sargent ( in the International Student Admissions and Programs Office.