You are eligible to become a Sociology major or minor if you are a University of West Georgia Student in good standing. Just follow these easy steps.

Declaring Your Major or Minor and Acquiring an Advisor

Step 1: Declaring your major or minor in Sociology. Complete the Major/Minor Form. You will have the options of submitting an online form or printing a copy of the form and delivering it to the Sociology Department office. Since the BS in Sociology is now available online as well as face-to-face, you must indicate if you wish to complete all of your course requirements for the degree online. Step 1 is all you need to do if you are declaring a minor in Sociology.

Step 2: Completing a program checklist. After declaring your major, the following steps are different for those students who are completing lower division courses in Areas A-F than for those who have completed those courses and are not ready for upper division classes. To determine where you stand, you should complete a Program Checklist. This is done by going to Wolf Watch and transferring your completed and in progress courses to the program checklist. If you are unfamiliar with Wolf Watch, you should view the Wolf Watch Tutorial.

Academic Advising

Step 3: Acquiring an advisor for those completing lower division classes. If you are a freshman or sophomore, you are still completing your lower division classes.  Other students who are changing their majors may also need to complete lower division classes. These students should be advised in the Advising Center.

Step 4: Acquiring an departmental advisor for those taking upper division classes. Students who declared the online major should contact Dr. Amber Smallwood for advising (; 678-839-6333). All other students should go to their assigned adviser shown on BanWeb.   You can find that faculty members' contact information on the department web pages.  Take an updated Program Checklist with you when you are meeting with your advisor. Your advisor is your guide through your Sociology courses, assist you with course selection, and remove your advisor holds.