Welcome to the World of Psychology

To understand psychology, a holistic approach is essential.  The psychology department emphasizes "psychology as a human science."  We encourage students to use lived experiences as a primary source of psychological data.  Students are exposed to experiences that foster rigorous and creative learning.  Our programs introduce students to a variety of concepts and experiences that cement self-understanding.  Our department values scholarship, critical thinking, discernment, personal growth, and creativity.

The psychology department has 3 programs of study:

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Arts
  • Doctoral (PhD)

Humanistic Psychology

The psychology department has drawn international attention for its unique programs.  Our department is regarded as a center for humanistic psychology. 
We are one of only two programs in the United States with a focus on humanistic and transpersonal psychology.  
Our courses have integrated humanistic and transpersonal psychology with critical and psychodynamic perspectives.  The psychology department aims to provide an educational environment where social and personal issues can be addressed.  This requires knowledge of humanistic and alternative approaches. 

Mike Arons Award 2019

brian harris award

Brian Patrick Harris

galen roehm award

Galen Roehm

Upcoming Events

Fall Social

Join us for the Psychology Fall Social as we enjoy some delicious refreshments before heading over to the Bill Roll Lecture!

2019 SEP 26 [Thursday]
4:00 PM
Melson Hall



Bill Roll Lecture

We welcome Dr. Julia Mossbridge who will give a presentation titled " Examining the Long Body in Time: Precognition in Laboratory Experiments"


2019 SEP 26 [Thursday]
7:00 PM
Kathy Cashen Hall [Humanities Bldg., UWG Campus]

Jim Klee Lectures

To be announced...