2020-2021 Mass Communications Scholarships

Supporting our majors in their academic pursuits is a priority for The Department of Mass Communications. That's why each year we offer scholarship opportunities for achieving students in financial need. Applications for the 2020-2021 Mass Communications scholarships were due April 3, 2020. The application for 2021-2022 Mass Communications scholarships will be available here on March 3, 2021 and will be due in early April 2021. The exact due date will be announced with the release of the application. 

Directions for successful completion of the application process:

1. In sending in your application to the scholarship committee, label the completed application form as "YOUR NAME" application, label the resume' as "YOUR NAME" resume', and label the letter as "YOUR NAME" letter. Attach all three documents (word documents only) to a single email.
2. In your letter, do not apply for a specific scholarship. Do indicate financial need and future plans, including career aspirations in your letter.

Mass Communications Scholarships:

For further information about all of our scholarships (applications, deadlines, and award amounts) please contact: the department at masscom@westga.edu.

Frances Parkman Memorial Scholarship

Recipient Criteria: Priority given to a junior or senior pursuing a career in mass communication, who has attained a minimum 2.5 GPA after completing 30 hrs of college credit.  Financial need and participation in extracurricular activities will be considered including serving on the staff of The West Georgian.  Student Financial Services will determine which student has a financial need.

David S. Parkman III Scholarship

Recipient Criteria: Priority will be given to a junior or senior pursuing a career in convergence journalism who has attained a minimum 2.5 GPA after completing 30 hours of college credit. Participating in extracurricular activities by applicants will be considered, with special consideration given to staff members of The West Georgian. Priority will also be given to a student from Carroll County.

George Fields Whatley Scholarship

Recipient Criteria:  Financially deserving Mass Communications major with an emphasis in convergence journalism.

Margaret Gauthier Mass Communications Scholarship

Recipient Criteria: Student majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis on Speech. Recipient must have attained a minimum 3.0 GPA after completing 45 hours of college credit. Financial need may be a consideration and will be screened through the UWG Office of Financial Aid.