Faculty and Staff Directory - College of Social Sciences
Name Department E-mail Phone #
Inho Abdich Anthropology Department iabdich@westga.edu 678-839-6303
George Ackerman Political Science Department gackerma@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Dave Ayers Criminology Department dayers@westga.edu 678-839-3783
Elizabeth Ayers, Ph.D. Criminology Department eayers@westga.edu
Terry Bagwell Criminology Department wbagwell@westga.edu 678-839-3113
Sonya Barnes Mass Communications Department sbarnes@westga.edu 678-839-6437
Kathleen Barrett Political Science Department kbarrett@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Gail Bentley Anthropology Department gbentley@westga.edu 678-839-6455
Marie-Cécile Bertau, Ph.D. Psychology Department mbertau@westga.edu 678-839-0616
Mikhail Beznosov Political Science Department mbeznosov@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Cassandra Bolar, Ph.D. Psychology Department cbolar@westga.edu 678-839-0614
Patrick Brady Criminology Department pbrady@westga.edu 678-839-3775
Clint Brannon Dean's Office COSS cbrannon@westga.edu 678-839-5170
Erin Brannon Dean's Office COSS ebrannon@westga.edu 678-839-5172
LeQuinta (Taylor) Bryant Mass Communications Department lbryant@westga.edu 678-839-4153
Andrew Carter, M.A. Anthropology Department acarter@westga.edu 678-839-6305
Kelley Christopher Criminology Department kchristo@westga.edu 678-839-4893
Hazel Cole Mass Communications Department hcole@westga.edu 678-839-4937
Melanie Conrad Mass Communications Department mconrad@westga.edu 678-839-4930
Bruce Daniel Mass Communications Department bdaniel@westga.edu 678-839-4928
Ian Davis Sociology Department idavis@westga.edu 678-839-6505
Ayurdhi Dhar Psychology Department adhar@westga.edu 678-839-3820
Jeannette Diaz, Ph.D. Psychology Department jdiaz@westga.edu 678-839-0602
James Dillon, Ph.D. Psychology Department jdillon@westga.edu 678-839-0607
Eric Dodson, Ph.D. Psychology Department edodson@westga.edu 678-839-0622
Sheikh Tijan Drammeh Political Science Department sdrammeh@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Nicole Dukes Mass Communications Department ndukes@westga.edu 678-839-6518
Elizabeth Falconi Anthropology Department efalconi@westga.edu 678-839-6458
Anna Fleming Political Science Department annaf@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Anthony Fleming Political Science Department afleming@westga.edu 678-839-4998
John R. Fuller Criminology Department jfuller@westga.edu
Danielle (Nikki) Gage Dean's Office COSS dgage@westga.edu 678-839-5174
Lisa Gezon Anthropology Department lgezon@westga.edu 678-839-6457
Vivian Gornik Anthropology Department vgornik@westga.edu
Vanessa Woodward Griffin, Ph.D. Criminology Department vwoodwar@westga.edu
Aikaterini Grigoriadou Anthropology Department agrigori@westga.edu 678-839-6455
Nisha Gupta, Ph.D. Psychology Department ngupta@westga.edu 678-839-0698
Patrick Hadley Mass Communications Department phadley@westga.edu 678-839-4931
Tobin R. Hart, Ph.D. Psychology Department thart@westga.edu 678-839-0603
James Christopher Head, Ph.D. Psychology Department jchead@westga.edu 678-839-0620
Michael D. Hester Mass Communications Department mhester@westga.edu 770-362-9435
Robyn Hicks Mass Communications Department rhicks@westga.edu 678-839-4911
Whitney Howard Mass Communications Department whoward@westga.edu 678-839-6518
Pam Hunt Kirk, Ph.D. Sociology Department phunt@westga.edu 678-839-6336
Thomas Hunter Political Science Department thunter@westga.edu 678-839-4994
Sarah Hupp Williamson, Ph.D. Criminology Department swilliam@westga.edu 678-839-6334
Amy Irby-Shasanmi, Ph.D. Sociology Department airby@westga.edu 678-839-3782
Shawn Isaacs Mass Communications Department sisaacs@westga.edu 678-839-6631
David Jenks, Ph.D. Criminology Department djenks@westga.edu 678-839-2366
Deon Kay Mass Communications Department dkay@westga.edu 678-839-4942
Aramide Kazeem, Ph.D. Sociology Department akazeem@westga.edu 678-839-3780
Russell Kelly Mass Communications Department rkelly@westga.edu 678-839-6518
Savannah Kennedy Psychology Department skennedy@westga.edu 678-839-6510
Abigail Kolb Criminology Department akolb@westga.edu 678-839-6326
Neill Korobov, Ph.D. Psychology Department nkorobov@westga.edu 678-839-0608
Mark Kunkel, Ph.D. Psychology Department mkunkel@westga.edu 678-839-0621
Angela Kurle, MA, LPC Psychology Department akurle@westga.edu 678-839-3820
Richard LaFleur, Ph.D. Psychology Department rlafleur@westga.edu 678-839-5414
Nathan Lawres Anthropology Department nlawres@westga.edu 678-839-6451
Gavin Lee Criminology Department gavinl@westga.edu
Sooho Lee Political Science Department slee@westga.edu 678-839-4991
Holly Lindamood Political Science Department hlindamo@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Kyle Lorenzano Mass Communications Department klorenza@westga.edu 678-839-4933
Corey Maggiano Anthropology Department cmaggian@westga.edu 678-839-6456
Isabel Maggiano Anthropology Department imaggian@westga.edu 678-839-6450
Michael Mansour Criminology Department mmansour@westga.edu 678-839-5199
Heather A. D. Mbaye, Ph.D. Political Science Department hmbaye@westga.edu 678-839-4988
N. Jane McCandless Sociology Department jmccandl@westga.edu 678-839-6505
Brenda McCrary Political Science Department amccrary@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Mitchell McIvor, Ph.D. Sociology Department mmcivor@westga.edu 678-839-6325
Emily McKendry-Smith, Ph.D. Sociology Department emckendr@westga.edu 678-839-5404
Dylan McLean Political Science Department dmclean@westga.edu 678-839-4989
Melanie McLean Dean's Office COSS mmclean@westga.edu 678-839-5170
Brittani McNeal, Ph.D. Criminology Department bmcneal@westga.edu 678-839-3787
Mai Naito Mills, Ph.D. Criminology Department mnaito@westga.edu 678-839-5160
David Mitchell, Ph.D. Psychology Department davidm@westga.edu 678-839-0609
S. Mark Mitchell Political Science Department sammiem@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Soo Jung Moon Mass Communications Department smoon@westga.edu 678-839-4936
Jason Nicholson, Ph.D. Criminology Department jasonn@westga.edu 678-839-3114
Neema Noori, Ph.D. Sociology Department nnoori@westga.edu 678-839-6329
Lisa Osbeck, Ph.D. Psychology Department losbeck@westga.edu 678-839-0606
Karen Owen Political Science Department kowen@westga.edu 678-839-2364
Tiffany Parsons, M.A. Sociology Department tparsons@westga.edu 678-839-6335
Faith Payne, MA, MSW Sociology Department fpayne@westga.edu 678-839-5309
Lynn Pazzani, Ph.D. Criminology Department lpazzani@westga.edu 678-839-6328
J. Salvador Peralta Political Science Department jperalta@westga.edu 678-839-4993
Tonia Phanor Mass Communications Department tphanor@westga.edu 678-839-5980
Alan Pope, Ph.D. Psychology Department apope@westga.edu 678-839-0601
Chapman Rackaway Political Science Department crackawa@westga.edu 678-839-6504
Jeffrey Reber, Ph.D. Psychology Department jreber@westga.edu 678-839-0612
Christopher Renaud Mass Communications Department crenaud@westga.edu 678-839-4929
Patricia Riley Criminology Department priley@westga.edu 615-714-0510
John L. Roberts, Ph.D. Psychology Department jroberts@westga.edu 678-839-0615
Paul Rutledge Political Science Department prutledg@westga.edu 678-839-4997
Christopher Sailor Mass Communications Department csailor@westga.edu 678-839-5980
Robert M. Sanders Political Science Department bsanders@westga.edu 678-839-4995
Robert Schaefer Political Science Department rschaefe@westga.edu 678-839-6327
Robert Schaefer Criminology Department rschaefe@westga.edu 678-839-6327
Larry Schor, Ph.D. Psychology Department lschor@westga.edu 678-839-0617
John Sewell Mass Communications Department johns@westga.edu 678-839-4927
Christine Simmonds-Moore, Ph.D. Psychology Department csimmond@westga.edu 678-839-5334
Kathleen Skott-Myhre, Ph.D. Psychology Department kskott@westga.edu 678-839-0624
Amber Smallwood Dean's Office COSS amksmall@westga.edu 678-839-5170
Marjorie Snipes Anthropology Department msnipes@westga.edu 678-839-6453
Mitzi Thompson Mass Communications Department mthompso@westga.edu 678-839-6518
Jessica Thurber Criminology Department jthurber@westga.edu 678-839-5199
Winston Tripp, Ph.D. Dean's Office COSS wtripp@westga.edu 678-839-5170
Michael Tucker Mass Communications Department mttucker@westga.edu 678-839-6631
Christopher Vidmar Sociology Department cvidmar@westga.edu 678-839-6105
Mateja Vuk, Ph.D. Criminology Department mvuk@westga.edu 678-839-3776
Jennifer Beggs Weber, Ph.D. Sociology Department jbweber@westga.edu 678-839-4896
Patricia Wells Dean's Office COSS pwells@westga.edu 678-839-5942
Ericka Wentz, Ph.D. Criminology Department ewentz@westga.edu 678-839-6330
Cassie White Criminology Department cwhite@westga.edu 678-839-3942
Andrew Will Mass Communications Department awill@westga.edu 678-839-4932
Kelly Williams Mass Communications Department kwilliam@westga.edu 678-839-4935
Misty Wilson Mass Communications Department mistyw@westga.edu 678-839-5315
Elroi J. Windsor, Ph.D. Sociology Department ewindsor@westga.edu 678-839-6505
Viviene Wood, M.A. Sociology Department vwood@westga.edu 678-839-5339
Victoria Yang Psychology Department vyang@westga.edu 678-839-0613
Bradford Yates Mass Communications Department byates@westga.edu 678-839-4938
Teresa Yates Mass Communications Department lyates@westga.edu 678-839-6518