The Department of Computer Science maintains a comprehensive laboratory environment to support teaching and learning.  Our labs are equipped with current technologies and provide a flexible computing environment intended to give students the opportunity to learn and experiment with a wide variety of hardware and software tools commonly used in industry.  The labs also serve to foster community among Computer Science students as a central space to gather and collaborate on course work and projects.


  • Computer Science eXperience (csX) Lab (TLC 1-115)
  • Advance Computing Lab for CS majors (TLC 1-117)
  • Robotics Lab (TLC 2-101)
  • Physical Computing Workshop and Lab (TLC 2-138)
  • CS Teaching Studios (TLC 1-210 and 1-211)

Requesting Access

Current CS majors who are enrolled in CS 1302 or higher-level CS courses may request access to the Advance Computing Lab for CS majors (TLC 1-117) and, upon approval by the Department, are provided with 24/7 access (when classes are in session) to TLC 1-117 lab and the TLC building using their UWG ID cards.  To request access, please visit the CS department office.  Please make sure to bring your UWG ID card with you - access will not be granted if you do not have your UWG ID.

Campus Wireless

UWG Wireless Network provides wireless network access from many areas on campus. All CS labs and office areas are covered by UWG Wireless.