1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of selected plays, theatrical conventions and theatrical movements important in the formation of the modern theatre.

  2. Students will describe basic knowledge of theatre history, theory, and criticism, including research sources and methodology.

  3. Students will demonstrate skills in analyzing plays, using theatre technology, and conducting research.

  4. Students will express through performance, writing, speaking, and other modes of communication the results of research and critical judgment, indicated by a demonstrable ability to reach an audience effectively through at least one of the components of theatrical art. 

  5. Students will apply skills learned in courses to a variety of work and social environments.

  6. Students will illustrate awareness of the complex human condition acquired through aesthetic and intellectual perceptions as evidenced in various mode of theatrical production.

  7. Students will function safely and effectively while using theatre technology.

  8. Students will demonstrate knowledge of the various means (acting, directing, designing, constructing, playwriting, etc.) through which a theatrical concept is realized.