The Executive Committee shall be the official policy-recommending body to the Dean of the College, and shall discharge its duties in consultation and compliance with these COAH Guiding Principles and Procedures.

1. The function of the Executive Committee is to;

a. Consider for approval all proposals concerning changes in the curriculum of the College including courses, programs, and degree requirements;

b. Make recommendations concerning policy, resource allocation, and other matters brought before the committee;

c. Consider and take action on matters forwarded to it by the faculty.

2. If approved by the Dean, policy recommendations of the Executive

Committee shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Article I, Section 2 of this document. If the Dean does not approve a recommendation of the Executive Committee, he or she shall inform the Committee of the reasons for his or her disapproval; the Executive Committee may, by a two-thirds vote, refer the matter of the Faculty of the COAH for its consideration and possible submission to the Faculty Senate or Vice President, as may be appropriate.