Answering the world’s important questions

We offer integrative pathways to understanding and addressing the critical issues facing our natural and social worlds.

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Unravel some of the biggest challenges of our time and acquire the skills to meet them.

With a focus on human-environment interactions, our students combine geographical theory, knowledge, and hands-on geospatial mapping to make connections, solve problems, and design more sustainable communities. Looking to make a difference in your world from the local to the global? Your future-forward career starts here.

Land Your Dream JobLand Your Dream Job

Student creating a woodblock print at UWG

Land Your Dream Job

Our hands-on, applied approach offers opportunities to engage with critical topics, learn powerful conceptual frameworks, and develop concrete, employable skills like geospatial data analysis, mapping, and field research techniques. Our graduates are employed as GIS analysts/developers, environmental analysts, sustainability coordinators, urban and transportation planners, educators, supply chain analysts, and owners of environmental consulting firms.

Strong Work EthicStrong Work Ethic

UWG alum, April McKown

Strong Work Ethic

McKown said she credits studies in enivronment, sustainability, and GIS for instilling in her a sense of ambition and strong work ethic. Still to this day, she recalls a moment when Professor Dr. Andy Walter told her to “shoot for whatever she wanted in life, both professionally and personally.”

- April McKown