The Sound that Lights the Sough

The UWG Marching Band "The Marching Wolves of West Georgia" welcomes you for the upcoming season. We march corps style—with a twist! If making a statement on the field is something that calls out to you, we invite you to join our ranks as we make our next season unforgettable.



Registration is now open for the 2024 edition of The Marching Wolves of West Georgia.

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Marching Band FAQ's

Membership in the UWG Marching Band "The Marching Wolves of West Georgia" is open to all current and registered UWG students—regardless of major!

Fill out and submit the registration form. Also, you'll need to register for the marching band course, which is MUSC 2720. You can do this during your orientation visit!

Yes! Members of Phantom Regiment, The Cavaliers, Spirit of Atlanta, and many other drum corps have marched and are currently marching with the UWG Marching Band.

  • August 5: Leadership
  • August 6: Drumline, Colorguards, and Twirlers
  • August 7: Wind Players

Students who will live in campus dorms will move into the dorm room that has been assigned to them by Residence Life for the upcoming school year. See the camp calendar for your appropriate check-in time. Several staff members will be on hand to assist you in your move. Students should bring all belongings needed for the school year.

The University of West Georgia owns many of the instruments that a student might need for Marching Band. We issue mellophones, sousaphones, and percussion equipment to all students in those sections of the band. Other woodwind and brass instruments are available on a more limited basis. Preference will be given to those who turn in their camp information forms first.

The UWG Marching Band consists of the following: flutes/piccolos, clarinets, alto saxophones, tenor saxophones, trumpets, horns (mellophones), trombones, euphoniums/baritones, tubas, drumline, colorguard, and twirlers. The drumline holds auditions on the first day of camp for instrument placement.

Yes! In the past we have had as many as three feature twirlers/majorettes. If you would like to audition for a spot please send a videotape or digital recording of one of your performances to Dr. Cale Self (

Most band members will complete orientation during June. However, if a student must participate in orientation activities during Band Camp, they are permitted to do so. It is the student’s responsibility to inform their section leader and the graduate assistant of any conflicts between Band Camp and orientation. Please make sure to ask your section leader and other veterans about what orientation activities you should attend.

We rehearse for a week during Band Camp to solidify the show. Once classes begin, the Marching Band rehearses Tuesday from 3:30-5:15 p.m. and Thursday from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. on a weekly basis as well as a rehearsal block prior to home football games. While band does require a time commitment, it is rare that a student’s academic progress is impaired. Band members tend to be among the most academically and socially adjusted students.

YES!!! Many students, both music majors and non-majors, participate in several ensembles in addition to the bands, including Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, and a multitude of smaller chamber ensembles.

While there is significant overlap between the two groups, there is not a requirement that students play in both bands. However, students who do both often find that their college musical experience is greatly enriched. We have two different auditioned concert bands: the Wind Ensemble and the Symphony Band. Both groups consist of music and non-music majors and continue to perform advanced collegiate level music.

Auditions for Wind Ensemble will take place prior to each semester; please contact Dr. Byrd ( for details. The Symphonic Band meets only in the spring semester, and does not require an audition.

Absolutely! Many of our students perform in both. Often students will play their primary instrument in Wind Ensemble and a secondary instrument in Symphony Band. The only requirement is to pass a successful audition on each instrument.

Of course! However, because the Marching Band and concert bands are registered classes, students are not permitted to miss rehearsals or performances for other campus or non-campus activities. This includes other music program activities.

Yes, the Marching Wolves typically travel one-to-two away games per year. With our new move to Division 1 athletics, all travel groups will be the smaller, pep-band version of the band. Additionally, the band performs two-to-three times per year at local marching festivals and competitions as the featured exhibition band.

The UWG Marching Band is composed of students from many different marching backgrounds and styles, ranging from those who have never marched before to those whose high school bands were competitive. As a result, the band’s style attempts to meet the needs of all students who participate, and that allows for a variety of shows to be performed throughout the season. A glide step is used since it allows for proper playing of all instruments and drill is written in a corps style which is slightly modified to allow for quick and relatively easy learning. There is no cause for concern if a student comes from a different style of marching; students adjust quickly and easily with generous assistance from rank leaders, drum majors, and other leaders in the band.

Yes! One of the things that makes the band so unique compared to other bands in the Southeast is our inclusion of a dance routine for every halftime performance. This is a trademark of our band and something that brings a lot of fun to members and audiences alike. If you’ve never danced in a marching show before, DON’T WORRY… it’s new for the majority of our first-year members!

All music for the pregame and field shows will be performed from memory. Music to be played in the stands is issued in a flip-folder and brought to every game.

No. This is one of the biggest differences between college and high school band. Our function is to provide entertainment and support to the athletic programs and other aspects of the University of West Georgia. Each fall, we perform as the exhibition band for a limited number of band competitions and festivals. Occasionally, we are invited to perform at pro sports games and other local and even international engagements.

In addition to the UWG Marching Band, the UWG Basketball Pep Band, “Wolf Gang,” performs at all home basketball games in the spring. The Pep Band is offered as a for-credit class in the spring.