The Biological and Forensic Anthropology Lab is dedicated to excellence in education, research, and service. The lab not only disseminates information but generates new knowledge through active faculty-led and student-led research projects resulting in peer-reviewed publications and presentations at professional conferences. Finally, BAFAL will serve local, state, and federal law enforcement both in lab and field in any way possible, and benefit the wider community through public events, open workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

Gained transferable skills for participants and researchers include: image analysis, data collection and management, microscopy, biometrics, behavioral observation and survey, excavation, forensic search and recovery, laboratory procedure, project design and interpretation, cooperation, and leadership.

Hear this exciting podcast of Dr. Corey Maggiano, BAFAL Director, speaking about his research on Archaeology Podcast Network: New Advances in Oxygen Isotope Analysis with Dr. Corey Maggiano - Ep 119


Dr. Corey Maggiano

Lab Director

Dr. Corey Maggiano
Anthropology 3
(678) 839-6456