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Residential Peer Mentoring (RPM)


RPM is for students ready to gear up for success! Peer mentor staff present programs and services to help first-year students make a smooth shift from high school to collegiate life. Live in a co-ed community of first-year students committed to academic success. A housing application must be on file in order to be considered for the RPM community.  Remember to also select this Living-Learning Community and hall preference on your housing application for fullest consideration.

Where is the community located?

Center Pointe Suites. 

Can I live in this LLC with someone who is not participating in the program?

Sorry, but no.  All students living in the appointed RPM community must participate in the RPM community.   

Are there required programs or courses? 

Yes. Students will be expected to attend weekly coaching meetings in-hall with peers and mentors.  Additionally, students will be required to enroll in a special section of UWG 1101 that will meet in the hall during the fall semester.   

To whom is the community open?

The RPM community is for first-year students only.   

Is there a fee for the community?

Yes, RPM participants are required to pay a $20 special interest housing fee each semester to fund specialized community features.   


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