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First-Year Programs



The first year of college is both exciting and challenging. One of the most challenging aspects of any college career is the transition into the college culture, including what is expected of students and the dynamics of university life as a whole. For that reason, the University of West Georgia has implemented several programs to assist the student in that transition. These programs engage students in intellectual, social, and cultural dimensions of learning while challenging them to develop the skills and sense of responsibility needed to be successful as a college student and citizen.

UWG's First-Year programs provide a foundational experience that meets the diverse needs of our students. The First-Year for Everyone allows students to choose a program that best fits their needs while maintaining a high level of engagement. All incoming first-year students enroll in one of these programs. We have found that these programs consistently improve student performance, graduation rates and connection to UWG, helping to create successful university students. 



UWG 1101: First-Year Seminar
Engages a small group of students in academic coursework that appeals to their unique interests and allows them to develop supportive relationships with faculty, staff, and other students who share their interests.
    Two-credit hour course offered to first-year students to ease transition into college life.
Learning Communities     UWG 1101

  • Centers on a common major or academic theme
  • Small classes and faculty mentoring
  • Early registration and academic advisement
  • Course topics include; learning strategies, career development, maintaining health, campus resources, and more
  • Some sections of UWG 1101 are specialized to support specific populations of students, for example; emerging leaders, multicultural achievement program mentoring for minority students, science and math majors, LGBTQ topics, student athletes and more
First-Year Interest Groups (FIGS)
Additional Opportunities

  • Center on a common interest such as;
  • Career Exploration
  • First-generation college students
  • African American Male Initiative
  • Access to Student Success for students with disabilities
  •  Honors College offers students who meet the admissions criteria special courses, activities, and a residence hall option
Accelerated Core Curriculum: Expanding Student Success
  • For students pursuing Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Pre-made block schedule
  • Students take no more than 9 credit hours at any time

  • One-credit hour course for science and math students
  • Opportunity to teach in school classrooms
  • Experience teaching first-hand while pursuing a full degree in science and math
Living-Learning Communities     UWise
  • Specialized living environments for small groups of residential students
  • Themes include;
  • Foreign Language and International Relationships
  • Men of Achievement, Leadership, and Excellence Society
  • Well Women of West Georgia
  • Residential Peer Mentoring
  • Summer Bridge Program designed to prepare incoming first-year students majoring in STEM disciplines
  • Free housing and meals for students in the program
  • Four-week program where students take English and Math