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First-Year Programs



The first year of college is both exciting and challenging. One of the most challenging aspects of any college career is the transition into the college culture, including what is expected of students and the dynamics of university life as a whole. For that reason, the University of West Georgia has implemented several programs to assist the student in that transition. These programs engage students in intellectual, social, and cultural dimensions of learning while challenging them to develop the skills and sense of responsibility needed to be successful as a college student and citizen.

UWG's First-Year programs provide a foundational experience that meets the diverse needs of our students. The First-Year for Everyone allows students to choose a program that best fits their needs while maintaining a high level of engagement. All incoming first-year students enroll in one of these programs. We have found that these programs consistently improve student performance, graduation rates and connection to UWG, helping to create successful university students. 



Classroom-Based Programs
Mentor-Based Programs
Engages students in university culture through their courses, integrating intellectual, cultural, and personal development.     Pairs first-year students with upperclass student mentors to engage them in the university environment.
Learning Communities     RPM (Residential Peer Mentoring)
  • Small groups of students with a common interest take courses together
  • Classes geared towards your interests
  • Small classes and faculty mentoring
  • Early registration and academic advisement
  • Peers challenge each other to achieve academic goals 
  • Individual goal progress meetings with mentor
  • Academic skills workshops offered in residence halls
  • Referrals to academic and social support services
UWG 1101    
  • UWG 1101 is a course offered to first-year students in order to ease the transition into college life and connect students to the resources that are available at UWG.
  • This course leads students through all aspects of college life, from managing freedom responsibly, to improving writing and critical thinking skills, to understanding the various teaching methods of college professors.
  • UWG 1101 is specifically designed for smaller class sizes in order to give students the individual attention they need. UWG 1101 is a graded, elective course and students in this program will take this course during their first semester at UWG.
  • Both residential and commuter students are eligible.
Emerging Leaders     iServe
  • Combines UWG 1101 with leadership-building activities
  • Opportunities include retreats, workshops, and service learning
  • Requires participation in at least one student organization
  • Students and mentors complete a service project which is also connected to an American Government course
  • Connects students with an upper-level mentor
  • Theme: Go Green
  • Open to residential and commuter students
Honors College     MAP Mentoring
  • Take courses specifically for honors students
  • Interact in a small class setting with faculty mentors
  • Early academic advisement and registration
  • Connects students with an upper-level mentor
  • High level of course structure flexibility
  • Geared particularly towards minority students


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