Vision and Mission

Vision Statement

The Richards College of Business will be recognized as a source of quality graduates and business expertise, primarily in the West Georgia and Atlanta areas, by providing an educational environment where excellence is pursued in endeavors and ethical behavior is reflected in activities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Richards College of Business is to educate and prepare students for positions of responsibility in business and society.

The RCOB provides quality business and professional education in a personal and ethical environment built upon a common body of knowledge by focusing on three strategic goals:

Student Development

Admit quality, local, regional, national, and international students and provide them with an education containing the skills and knowledge gained from traditional and experiential learning in internal and external campus settings to prepare them to be effective and ethical professionals.

Academic Professional Growth

Recruit and retain quality faculty and provide sufficient resources to support dynamic and up-to-date bachelor and master level curricula, to conduct research, and to provide service to all stakeholders within and outside of campus.

Administration and Infrastructure Support

Recruit and retain quality administrative management and staff personnel to manage, develop and support infrastructure and those activities that build internal and external partnerships while working in an ever-changing environment.

Ethical Values

The Richards College of Business community (administrators, faculty, staff, students, and business partners) share a commitment to the principles of honesty and integrity in interactions and undertakings, accountability for personal behavior, and respect for the rights, differences, and dignity of others. In addition, we strive to continuously improve our abilities to recognize unethical behavior and to make ethical and moral decisions.