Internships and Professional Practice

Internships and Professional Practice

Internships at UWG may be taken for academic class credit or for academic recognition (notation on transcript, but no credit).


Academic Credit Internships 
Awarded by: Academic Departments
Apply to: Appropriate RCOB Academic
Department (see instructions below)

Academic Recognition Internships
Awarded by: Academic Departments
Awarded by: Career Services
Apply to: Career Services


Policies and procedures for internships with academic credit in the Richards College of Business

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Major status
  • Other pre-requisites may be required by the department for specific internships

The student will work with a professor assigned by the department chair, who (in consultation with the departmental chairperson) will determine the academic requirements*, the credit hours and the final grade for the internship.
* At a minimum these requirements will include the following: (other requirements as assigned)

  • a weekly journal listing all activities;
  • a research paper or project; and
  • an evaluation from the supervisor.
STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES and INSTRUCTIONS for Obtaining Academic Credit for an Internship
  • Print and complete the following form: Professional Practice Application
  • Obtain a letter and/or an official job description from the employer, describing and verifying the internship employment and signed by a representative of the employer;*
  • Submit the form and the official job description to the appropriate department chairperson who will assign the faculty sponsor, approve the internship and complete the RCOB Internship/Independent Study Variable Credit Approval Form;
  • After approval by the department chair, the complete packet of information should be submitted to the RCOB Assistant Dean for review and final approval (Business Building, Room 1208);
  • The final step is submitting the credit approval form (signed by the Assistant Dean) to the Registrar's Office to register the internship;**

NOTE: To receive academic credit, internships must be registered on or before the last day of drop/add at the beginning of the semester.

*    Internship credit will not normally be given for a job where the student is employed on an on-going basis.
**  Students are encouraged to register any academic credit internship with Career Services in order to concurrently receive ‘academic recognition’.