Mark C. Callaway - McCalman Executive Roundtable

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Comprehensive investment planning has been my focus throughout my almost 30-year career.  Mark opened a Robinson – Humphrey & Co office in 1989 in LaGrange, GA which merged with one of the predecessor firms of Morgan Stanley.


Mark serves as the Senior Portfolio Manager in our group.  His area of concentration is helping clients set investment objectives, develop an asset allocation strategy, making stock and fund selections and establishing customized investment strategies.   


He has managed “SRI/ESG/ Impact Investing style” discretionary strategy within the Morgan Stanley Portfolio Management platform since 2000.  Over the past decade, He has seen the growth of Impact Investing in other areas of the world and now, finally, in mainstream America.  Mark was recognized by Smith Barney, prior to the merger, as a “Green” financial advisory professional.  The more involved he became in SRI/ESG the more interested he became in the actions of the corporations headquartered in his own backyard.  So in 2009, he co-founded the Southeast Corporate Sustainability Ranking.  It ranks publicly traded companies according to standardized environmental, social and governance scores. Recently, Mark was asked to serve on the Morgan Stanley Advisory Board to champion the Investing with Impact platform at Morgan Stanley.


Mark brings a personal perspective to multi-generational planning and multifaceted issues that arise for families needing guidance in the area of legacy planning. He has served as a third-generation trustee on two of the Callaway Family Foundations. In addition, to help foster and pass on appreciation for philanthropic involvement to his children, Mark created a family foundation on which four of my five children currently serve with me as trustees.


In 2013 Mark worked with his partner PJ Younglove Hovey to spearhead the formation of the MountainFilm on Tour ATL festival. This curated festival of films from the Telluride MountainFilm Festival connects his values directly to the art of film.  It provides a vehicle to inspire the community to explore protecting the environment, working towards social justice, and sustainable living and investing.


Mark’s educational background includes studies in both political science and theater, as well as an MBA from La Grange College. After graduation from that program, he served as an adjunct professor teaching Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. Mark holds the position of Senior Vice President of Wealth Management at Morgan Stanley. In addition, he is a Senior Investment Management Consultant, Senior Portfolio Manager and Financial Planning Specialist.  Mark has served in a number of leadership capacities on the boards of The University of Georgia, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Berry College, and LaGrange College.